Keystone United Church of Christ is honored to participate in the Justice Leadership Program

The Justice Leadership Program, was born in Keystone church and now based through out Seattle and affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC) Young Adult Service Communities Network, engages young adults (ages 21-35) in an internship year that combines social change, community building, congregational service, and leadership development. 

Interns do not need to belong to the United Church of Christ, but must be willing to participate in the life and worship of a UCC faith community. Believing that "God is still speaking," the UCC has a tradition of extravagant welcome and prophetic action for peace, justice, and inclusion.  

To learn more about the Justice Leadership Program please explore their website here and: 

Meet our Current Interns:

Amber Dickson is interning a second year with the Justice Leadership Program. She attended Seattle Pacific University, graduating with a degree in psychology. While at SPU, Amber participated as an academic mentor for college freshmen as well as a tutor for the general psychology course. These experiences and others have shaped her desire for education reform as well as making higher education more accessible.  Amber is never complacent in her desire to learn and is extremely excited to work with the Children's Alliancewith a focus on organizing communities around issues of early  learning. She is also passionate about criminal justice reform. She is also hoping to restore her belief that faith communities can produce great works. 

Alyssa Nedrow graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Visual Communications majoring in Photojournalism and minoring in History. Intrigued by human connections, she wishes to utilize photography as a way to share stories of the people she continues to meet, as well as a tool for social documentary and advocacy. She is excited to share her visual communication skills as well as expand her knowledge on public policy and issues that impact the state of Washington. Following her service year Alyssa will take two months to travel across Southeast Asia; to follow her travels please visit her blog here.