Welcome to Keystone United Church of Christ

All Are Welcome!


If you are seeking... 

  • a place where Open and Affirming means that one is embraced, regardless of sexual orientation, socio/economic status, race, culture, physical and mental abilities or anything else you can think of
  • a place where Justice Centered means that we are not afraid to speak our prophetic voice and put it to practice
  • a place where the open table at weekly Communion actually means that the abundance of God is for absolutely everyone
  • a place where there is support and an opportunity to learn and grow in a life that is grounded in simplicity and that is sustainable for our planet
  • a place where the community gathers for weekly potlucks just because we want to be together
  • a place where your Access van can drop you off in the middle of the Sunday sermon, and the preacher pauses to welcome you
  • a place where the smallness in number means that there is more love to go around

...then Keystone Congregational United Church of Christ is your place.      
Come and see! 

Photo by alyssa nedrow